How can I install software on my deskMate?

There are several possibilities to install software on your deskMate: 


1) CD redirection

CD redirection enables you to transfer data directly from a CD or DVD at a local client device to your DeskMate. For example, after inserting an office CD at a local cd-rom device the compact disk will appear in your deskMate and a installation is possible. For a detailed installation instruction check out our tutorial "Software Installation from a CD/DVD-Rom device".  


2) Internet connection

For my applications Installation programs can be downloaded directly from the internet. Just start your download directly from your deskMate using your internet connection.


3) Synchronization solutions, for example Dropbox.

You are able to install every synchronization software on your deskMate. With a synchronization software you can transfer further software products or other data on your deskMate cloud hosted desktop. 




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