My deskMate client reports issues with the server certificate

Your data transmitted between your client and the server is encrypted. To be sure nobody is in the middle of this connection we check the identity of the server. To provide the highest level of privacy the mechanisms we are using are even more strict than the word wide standard TLS.


In case a security test fails, the deskMate client will stop connecting. Please make sure the following dependencies are met:

  • you are using the latest version of the deskMate client
  • you are either connecting directly or using a passive http web proxy
  • no one between you and the deskMate datacenter is changing the TLS session

The last case is most likely. Many companies are using proxy services to break the TLS/SSL connection from client to server and replace the official server certificate by their own. We do not support that mechanism. First it breaks privacy and second it negatively affects the connection latency.


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    keine Ahnung was ich tun soll damit es wieder geht????

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