Cloud Printing

tocario cloud printing

With this feature, also called “direct printing“, you are able to print directly from your remote deskMate desktop to your locally installed default printer.


How it works:

On all tocario Windows images a printer called tocario Cloud Printer is already installed.

Directly after printing a document with the tocario Cloud Printer the “tocario Cloudprint Upload” dialog will appear and show the status of the print job. When the job was successful it will automatically close. It will only stay opened when an error occurred. In this case an error message will be displayed.

Your local deskMate Client will be informed about a new print job and will automatically send it to your locally defined default printer. If you want to print different documents on differents printers just set the default printer before starting the remote print job.


Step by step:

  1. Print a document on tocario Cloud Printer.
  2. If this is the first time you print to with the tocario Cloud Printer an application will be started which requires a “Print API Key”:
  3. p1.png
  4. To get your Print API Key of your desktop go to the deskMate portal and go to the Desktops Overview. In the row of your desktop open the advanced settings of your desktop. In the General tab the key is displayed:
  5. p2.png
  6. Now enter the API key and press “Print” or "Save":
  7. p3.png
  8. By pressing "Print" the API key will also be saved for future print jobs.
  9. Your document will now be securely uploaded to the tocario cloud.
  10. Your deskMate Client is polling on a regular basis for new print jobs. If there is a new job the Client will automatically download the document and print it on the locally defined default printer. The document will be deleted afterwards from the tocario cloud.




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